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Grab your feather duster!
Wiperooni 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 !
Grab your cleaning cloth, squirty bottle & wipe down those doorknobs, doors
and other naughty dust collecting surfaces like the top of the tv, the fridge handles
and other places often touched by unclean hands.....
Bedazzle Your Razzle!

Grab your mirror/glass cleaner & a lint free towel or roll of paper towels.
Tie a plastic grocery baggie to your belt or apron to dispose of the paper towels.
A squirty bottle with 2 parts water & 1 part vinegar is perfect for this!
Vinegar dries clear, is a natural deoderizer, effective & cheap.

Now get to squirting and wiping some mirrors, windows and put some sass on
your glass!
Do the Tidy Tango!

Shake to the rhythm as you pick up and put all away some of that 'stuff'.
The Tidy Tango Two!

Because there is always more......
The Surface Re-Surface

Go to that spot that is covered in household debris.
Put as much of it away as you can while you enjoy this song.
The Sport of the Sort

March your lovely hiney right over to that pile of papers or drawer or shelf that is
just a big pile of mess right now.  Get sorting Sistah!
The Sexy Art of the Sweep

Grab your broom & dustpan!  Even sweeping will make you feel glamorous
when you  listen to this song!
Mop It

Sing and sway as you make your house sparkle.

Not finished?  Here's some more..
Dishes Need Not Be Drudgery

me - me -me .... Warm up your voice for some singing while you

Load that dishwasher!

Unload it!
Fold Some Clothes!

Iron to Poetry
Fabulous 5 Minutes Fixes!

Shake your bun bun and do whatever you can
during these songs!

You Can:   

Wipe  ~  Sort  ~  Pick Up ~  Put Away   
Sweep  ~  Fold  ~  Carry  ~ or . . .
Just have your very own private DIVA DANCE PARTY!
Vacuum Va Va Va Voom
Housework can be a tedious, lonely business
so let's do it together!

It's as easy as 1~2~3
I knew they were here
  • Each of these items by themselves only take a few minutes so you can
     pick and choose what you want to do right now.  

  • This is a great way to keep you motivated and on track!

  • This is also a great place to start when you don't know where to even begin...

  • When you are done with that one come back and choose another!

  • Have fun & we will be dancing away the dust with you!
Dusting Tips & Tricks ~ Dusting Sassy ~ Dusting Swingy
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1. Choose your tidy task

2. Get your tips & tricks

3. Choose your sassy music to keep you company!
(Each song should be about the perfect length to knock out one chore)
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These work GREAT!
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